Executive Writing Packages

Give us three days. We'll transform you.

Writing is a form of communication, we can’t escape it, we can’t deny it. Writing consists of a comprehensively wide area to explore, it depends on what your purpose of writing is.

Writing is a skill, and English is a global language. Thus, writing in English is a need; you might as well get good at it.

Now, we all know that learning is a process, writing is also a process. With these packages we have curated and created carefully, we want you to have a meaningful and efficient journey.

However, we know that you're busy and it might be hard to commit to a lengthier program. We have a lighter option for you: Executive Writing Packages.

The step-by-step writing package is designed as a three-day intensive course, held monthly from Wednesdays to Fridays (8 hours per day, lunch and coffee breaks included).  Each package focuses on different type of communication purpose with a maximum of 12 (twelve) participants, ensuring an intimate learning experience and focus on every individual's needs and concerns.

This means three whole days of fun learning.

Be ready to explore your creativity and your so-called limitations. Choose the package that best suits you.

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