Corporate Training

Your team. Our expertise.

Some of our programs can be customized to meet the needs of your team members at work and we are also open to designing new programs which are specific to your line of work and daily tasks. In the past four years, we have provided over fifty multinational and international companies here in Jakarta with tailored online writing courses and creative solutions that best suit the participants' requirements. 

We are well-aware of the fact that not all organizations have the same needs and challenges; in fact, we pride ourselves in our ability to create tailor-made programs specific to each organization and to work with key persons within the organization to construct the most effective curriculum for the staff. 

You can choose our existing programs or have us work on a new one from scratch. You can also opt for a full program, which typically lasts somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks, or shorter programs which last between 1 to 2 days. 


1. Assess the participants' key challenges and needs

2. Identify the organization's communications style and guideline

3. Pre-course and post-course assessments

4. Design a course/workshop/program that best fit the need of the team/organization

5. Program evaluation


a. Customized content

b. Flexible time and place

c. Reduced cost

d. Confidentiality agreement

e. Individual progress report

f. Quality


Our corporate rates vary depending on the module/s and program duration. Please contact us and ask for a quotation.


At the end of the course/workshop/program, all participants will receive a certificate of completion. 


Course materials, such as presentation slides or handouts, will be shared with all the participants. 

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