Writing in Business Communication

Transform your professionalism. Build better relationships.

When you go to work every day, there’s no way in escaping e-mails, memos, minutes of meetings, and presentations. Don’t be mundane about them; they’re essentials for corporate connection. 

No matter who you are, what area of expertise you are in, the basic of business communication includes different approach in internal and external communications, clear instructional language, and strong objective implementation. With a concise communication, any professional progress will be enhanced. Higher your own standard, always deliver efficiently.


Fundamentals of Writing

Understand the process of writing, the framework, style, and brainstorming process. This is the first step to write with clarity, structure, and style.

Topics Covered:

1. Understand a variety of writing tools
2. How to brainstorm ideas
3. How to bring your writing to life
4. How to use and include data in your writing
5. Learn the purpose of writing as a form of communication


Business Correspondence

Learn the basic correspondence tools, avoid common pitfalls that usually create misunderstandings. Write different types of form of communications: positive, neutral, and negative.

Topics Covered:

1. Common correspondence pitfalls
2. Sentence and paragraph composition
3. Writing e-mails, letters, invitations, memos, agendas and other types of documents
4. How to open and close a good and bad-news letters
5. Proofreading and finishing touches


Effective Presentation

Craft memorable presentations, may it be for internal or external audience. Prepare a five-slide approach, learn how to enhance your presentation using visual aid. Appeal to your audience.

Topics Covered:

1. The do’s and don’t’s of crafting presentations
2. How to structure your slides and choose your details
3. Make your delivery a special performance
4. Utilize visual aids to enhance your presentation appeal to your audience
5. Create an elevator pitch




This course is perfect for professionals (all levels) who work in the secretarial, administrative, strategic and communications divisions.



The course is held at our facility for 3 (three) days and lasts for 8 (eight) hours per session, including one lunch break and two coffee breaks.



We offer 10% discount for all students (ID required) and specific payment plans for individuals and organizations which enroll three or more participants in the same course.