About Us

The Jakarta Post Writing Center is the continuing education and professional development division of The Jakarta Post media which specializes in English writing studies.

We are located on the ground floor of The Jakarta Post building, a space which we'd like to think of as our little cave of infinite possibilities, where ideas are cultivated and their many forms of expression are celebrated.

We are a group of diverse writers, editors and storytellers who believe in the power of the written word as the most potent tool of communication with the ability to not only foster the spirit of creativity but also embody the essence of professionalism.

We are strong proponents of one particular school of thought: writing shouldn't be about results, but process. It is part science, part art. At its best, great writing can change the way you view the world. It can challenge, persuade and inform your readers. But the crazy part? It has the uncanny ability to humanize everything that is complex, incredible and oftentimes difficult to comprehend. Especially, things that blow your mind away. 

Like ... life. 

Why English, then? The answer is two-fold:

Here's the honest answer: great communication does not rely on a specific language. A good story is a good story in any language. Great communication relies on intent and delivery.


English is the lingua franca of the business world, and it is the backbone of globalization. More than that, it is now the bridge that connects various creative industries around the globe. If you want to go big and far, you need to master the English language. (Don't take our word for it, though. Take Harvard Business Review's: Global Business Speaks English)

And here's the very very short answer: Because we're The Jakarta Post