Strategic Business Writing

This is our most popular writing course to date. Through the writing course, our participants will gain the necessary insights into how writing has become a fundamental communication platform in the professional environment.

The course aims to help participants understand the principles of good writing and learn the importance of developing a communication strategy that is appealing to your audience.


At the end of this course, you will become more confident in using your English writing skills and have a better understanding of what is required to write effectively. Including:

1. Know how to structure your writing

2. Know how to develop your ideas

3. Know how to to use short, simple and direct sentences

4. Know how to choose the best intonation, details and themes for your writing

5. Know how to edit and polish your writing


The course is divided into 16 sessions (twice weekly) and it runs for a total of 8 (eight) weeks. The sessions are divided into two primary activities: lectures and peer-editing sessions; and the duration of each session is approximately 2 (two) hours.


This course is perfect for anyone who would like to sharpen their English writing skills. Whether you’re an individual looking to develop your personal writing skills, or a professional looking to advance your career, this course will help you change the way you write, edit and read.


The Jakarta Post has selected a team of expert writers and editors to lead this course, from whom you will learn about the writing process and how to avoid common pitfalls when writing in English as a second or foreign language.


We offer a 10% discount for university students who would like to join the course; and a reduced rate for any organization that enrolls a minimum of 3 members into this course. Please contact us to find out about our other payment options.