Introduction to Short Story

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The beauty of short stories is that it only takes a few minutes of your time to read. It is a teaser, a glimpse of the world. It never necessarily reveals the whole thing, and yet a part of it will always make you wonder.

A good one leaves a mark in your soul; a good one creates that tingly feeling in your stomach. With short stories, you have to get to the core immediately. A memorable short story is a selection of carefully chosen words, words that connect the dots into something more, something else.

Beginning writers usually have to “tackle” short stories before proceeding to longer works.


1. Understand the elements of fiction and apply it immediately

2. Develop your character(s) into three-dimensional character(s)

3. Have the ability to create catchy beginnings and endings

4. Give effective feedbacks and constructive criticism for your peers

5. Develop analytical approach to literary works

6. Reflect on your writing process and understand your writing habit


This workshop has one main objective: finish one story that you can send out for publications.


10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans are also available.

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